What We Do

Here in our Makerspaces, we provide access to traditional toys and tools alongside cutting-edge technology, allowing students to develop a variety of creative skills and hobbies


Design, Building and Engineering Activities:

  • Drawing, Planning and Sketching
  • Asking Questions, Being Curious
  • Quickfire Challenges 
  • Paper Crafting and Origami
  • Cardboard Constructions
  • Sewing and Craft Activities
  • Woodworking Activities
  • Prototyping and Modeling
  • 2D Design (Inkscape)
  • 3D Design (TinkerCAD) 
  • 3D Printed Projects
  • Lasercut Projects
  • Coding - Visual Programming Languages (Scratch, mBlock)
  • Robotics (moving from BeeBots and Lego WeDo 2.0 to Hummingbirds, GoGo Boards and Arduino)
  • Lego, K'nex and Keva Plank Creations
  • Stop-Motion Animation
  • Circuit Building (LittleBits, Squishy Playdoh Circuits, Paper Circuits - Copper Tape and LEDs)
  • CNC Milling

Want to bring a Makerspace to your school? Learn a little about our history and see how we got started.