Rebecca Hoskins, Maker VISTA

Like most things, the Ravenswood Makerspaces Collaborative started as an idea. This idea came to Robert Pronovost several years ago.  Mr Pronovost was a second grade teacher looking for ways to foster 21st century skills in his students.  It was made a reality through his efforts and the efforts of our incredible Makerspace team, along with our partners and volunteers.

In the Ravenswood Makerspaces, students get to make their own ideas a reality. One of the tools we teach students is the Stanford Design Thinking process. This is just one of many ways to think through an idea. It is centered around feeling empathy for others, and trying to solve problems for other people through invention. Our goal is to help our students become thoughtful, creative, empathetic members of the community while learning to invent and engineer.

With this blog, we hope to bring you closer to the experiences of students, volunteers, and teachers in the makerspaces. My name is Rebecca Hoskins, and I am one of the current Americorps VISTAs in the Ravenswood Makerspace Collaborative. I, along with my counterpart Jennifer Torres, will be documenting and reporting on our work and the work of our students throughout the year.


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